Details filling in as I go

Yes, it may look a little sparse around here with my tweets automatically popping over, but don't worry: I'm adding proper titles, additional quotes, better (perhaps more long-term durable) forms of the links, embedded videos, etc. every few days or weekend.

When I looked back on the pre-Flickr, pre-Twitter years of this blog, I realized how much clearer a picture I had of what was going on in my life and capturing my attention. It's my intent to restore that richness to the blog going forward and—as time permits—to bring into the archives of those things I shared elsewhere on the web.

Thanks for your patience as I work out the kinks of this single lifestream stuff. 🙂

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Dinah from Kabalor

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4 thoughts on “Details filling in as I go”

  1. Howdy Dinah. I’m glad to see you blogging some more and centralizing everything, but having your tweets in your blog wrecks havoc with those of us who like to read your blog via RSS feed. I can follow you on twitter, but pulling out your tweets in an RSS is tricky. I’ve fiddled with doing a bit of this in Yahoo! Pipes, but there is only so far I can work with it.


  2. Dinah – how are you feeding things into Typepad from Twitter? I like the single lifestream approach as well but wonder if there’s an automatic category/styling you could push together that would make the twitter stream more visually distinctive.


  3. Hi Nick and Ed!
    I’m using to detect a new tweet and send it to Typepad’s post by email via Gmail. Currently does not support passing through a class declaration which will support different styling (e.g., like my older microblog/quote posts), but my understanding from the ifttt team is that they are planning to improve that soon.
    Another possible front for improvement is if Typepad’s post by email started supporting Movable Type’s import functionality’s ability to detect passed in settings like CATEGORY or EXTENDED ENTRY.
    So, for the moment, it’s not optimal, but it is a step in the right direction of having all my stuff in one place.
    Nick, tell me more about the havoc. Is it just that you don’t want to see the small posts? Or that you’re following me in both Twitter and RSS?
    If the former, hmm, not sure what to tell you as I do consider those a key part of the lifestream too. Knowing that things are going to the blog is making me think more about my output through Twitter, though, and I’m liking the effect, particularly the going back to provide/preserve some context when I improve those posts a few days or a week later. I am hoping to keep the quality rising.
    If the problem is redundancy, that is easy to solve: I’m making sure the blog and Twitter are redundant in announcing all posts (including the passed-through tweets) while not being internally redundant (thanks to the ease of switching off that ifttt task for a minute while I add a new larger post within Typepad and use Typepad’s Twitter integration to announce the post on Twitter). That is to say, just follow me in RSS OR on Twitter and you’ll hear about all my posts including the very short ones.
    Thanks for reading!


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