my June 2012 voting slate

Barack Obama, with great pride and pleasure.

State Propositions:
28: Yes. Supported by folks I usually agree with.
29: Yes. Smoking creates expensive health problems which often create burdens for others beyond the smoker. Extra money for cancer research combined with higher costs that may reduce the number of smokers is a double win.

City & County Propositions:
A: No. I understand the garbage/recycling contracting could be improved in theory, but the reality is that a worker-owned, locally-based business that's doing a great job doesn't need to be messed with. (Also, support from Quentin Kopp is a great indicator of how not to vote.)
B: Yes. Let's keep this beautiful landmark preserved and available to the public.

Democratic Central Committee, District 17:
Zoe Dunning, who serves her country well.
Bevan Dufty, who is sometimes a bit preposterous but who I generally like and trust.
Matt Dorsey, who seems to have been doing well.
Petra DeJesus, ditto.
Scott Wiener, who I've been supporting for years with no regrets. Also, he's a big NERT supporter and that makes me really happy.
Alix Amelia Rosenthal, again someone I've had no regrets over voting for.
Gabriel Robert Haaland, ditto (plus congratulations on choosing a first name he really loves, something my also-trans pal Ashley has made me much more aware of lately).
Rafael Mandelman, ditto.
Carole Migden, hell yes. Let's keep those smarts working for us.
Justin Morgan, good endorsements and goals, plus we need more black male representation.
Hydra Mendoza, pretty sure I've voted for her in the past too and she has good endorsements.
David Campos, don't always agree with him (iirc) but good endorsements.
David Chiu, I've been really very happy with and continue to support strongly.
Leah Pimentel, pretty sure I've voted for her in the past too and she has good endorsements.

U.S. Senator:
Dianne Feinstein, with frustration and reluctance due to her position on PIPA, but we need a powerful fighter for women's health and pay issues, which make more of a difference in more people's lives.

U.S. Representative:
Nancy Pelosi, who has come out against SOPA. Good.

State Senator:
Mark Leno, who's continuing to do great work.

State Assembly:
Tom Ammiano: ditto.

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