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I decided over a decade ago to walk every street in San Francisco, every block. I'm perhaps 20% done with the project—there is a whole lot of this city outside the downtown/Mission/Hayes Valley area—but that's fine; watching the city change over the years is also part of the pleasure.

This project has, of course, made me interested in other people doing similar adventures.

Tom Graham finished his complete walk of San Francisco in 2010.

Larry Burgheimer says he did all of San Francisco between 1967 and 1972 (see the second letter on this page).

Mike at Satan's Laundromat rode the entire New York subway system.

Matt Green is still working on his project of walking every street in every borough of New York City.

My latest favorites are Jo Hunt, Mary Rees, and Linda Smither who are riding every London bus route.

Hooray for wild projects!

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One thought on “Meet your city”

  1. I found an old email from a Backpacker interview I did. Here are some things I said in spring 2005 about my city walking project:
    I’m walking any public thruway I can find. If I get the opportunity to walk a freeway, I will, but usually they’re closed to pedestrians. What I have found is that most of them have bike trails or other frontage areas alongside or can be walked under, so I do that instead.
    I would dearly love to get to walk the Bay Bridge someday and to walk the BART tunnel under the bay, but I think those will probably remain dreamy dreams.
    Q: Why did you decide to walk all the streets? Exercise? Adventure? Just for the heck of it?
    A: Those are all part of it. It’s one of the only forms of exercise I really enjoy and will do without having to nag myself into it. (I have a bad knee so soccer and roller-skating are out). I work a desk job, so it feels really good to get out in the air. I don’t own a car, so it’s harder for me to get out to the country to walk there (and when my knee was first healing up, it was good to be able to walk where I could stop and catch a cab or bus if it began to hurt).
    Here are most of my posts focused on city walking:
    and a column I did for the SF Bay Guardian
    My favorite walk so far was taking the bus out to Ocean Beach/Sutro Baths and then coming around the point of Land’s End, past the Palace of the Legion of Honor and then down the entire length of California Street to Embarcadero.
    I think it’s the little stuff you can’t see zipping by in a car that really makes walking special. Pretty stained glass windows, an old lady tending her garden, neighbors joking with each other…  It’s all about the sense of place.  (Which is why I don’t listen to music while I walk; I want to hear the neighborhoods too).


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