Media I’ve enjoyed recently


(these words, forever) – The Memory Palace

The art of the eco-mindshift – Natalie Jeremijenko (2009) – TEDtalks

Single Device Captures Sun's Light and Heat – 60-Second Science

(high above lake michigan) – The Memory Palace

E-voting without fraud – David Bismark (2010) – TEDtalks

(the moon in the sun) – The Memory Palace

Eythor Bender demos human exoskeletons (2011) – TEDtalks

(a brief eulogy for a consumer electronics product)  – The Memory Palace

404, the story of a page not found – Renny Gleeson (2012) – TEDtalks


History & Politics:

(the messrs. craft) – The Memory Palace

Global power shifts – Joseph Nye (2010) – TEDtalks

(presidente walker) – The Memory Palace

(this ungainly fowl) – The Memory Palace



(you know you're sick) – The Memory Palace



Thomas Dolby: Never Never Land – The Moth Podcast



Eccentric Style – Put This On


Biology & Food:

Tagging tuna in the deep ocean – Barbara Block (2010) – TEDtalks

Salamanders Provide Room and Board to Algae – 60-Second Science

The roots of plant intelligence – Stefano Mancuso (2010) – TEDtalks

Sustainable seafood? Let's get smart – Barton Seaver (2010) – TEDtalks

A vision for sustainable restaurants – Arthur Potts Dawson (2010) – TEDtalks



What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola – Melinda French Gates (2010) – TEDtalks

Making global labor fair – Auret van Heerden (2010) – TEDtalks

A feminine response to Iceland's financial crash – Halla Tomasdottir (2010) – TEDtalks



Teaching kids real math with computers – Conrad Wolfram (2010) – TEDtalks

Lawrence Krauss: Students Need to Learn Effective Failure – 60-Second Science


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