More lovely cheeses

Sometime last month we had another amazing cheese plate at Jardiniere. This time it included the following:

– Bent River, cow, from Alemar in Mankato, Minnesota

– Etude, goat, from Andante in Petaluma, California

– Calvander, raw cow, from Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

– Hudson Red, washed raw cow, from Twin Maple in Ghant, New York

– Shaker's Blue, raw sheep blue, from Old Chatham in Old Chatham, New York

Their selection has been wonderful in 2012 for showcasing great U.S. dairies. Well worth a visit for a cocktail and cheese plate at the bar.

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2 thoughts on “More lovely cheeses”

  1. I liked it well enough, but it wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other great stuff on the plate. Don’t remember specifics since I foolishly didn’t blog about it right away, but I know it was one of the ones left at the end when we were polishing off the last of the plate (i.e. resist-able) and that we walked out feeling like there hadn’t been a dud on the plate.


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