Media I’ve enjoyed recently

History and Biography

I have not yet begun to rot (The Memory Palace)

The Sisters Fox (The Memory Palace)

Babysitting (The Memory Palace)
One of my favorite storytelling pieces in recent memory.

OMG!!! JKP!!! (The Memory Palace)

Nee Weinberg (The Memory Palace)

Looking Up (The Memory Palace)

Distance (The Memory Palace)



Anna Deavere Smith: Let Me Down Easy (SciAm Science Talk)

Paul Davies: Physics Could Help Fight Cancer (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Malaria Mosquitoes Follow Foot Smells (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Rain And Temperature Predict Cholera Risks (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Fat Substitutes May Make You Fatter (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Gamekeeper's Thumb Condition Outlives the Occupation  (SciAm 60-Second Science)



Tony Porter: A call to men (TEDTalks)



Wisdom of Crowds Withers with Peeks (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Threats Drive Cultural Norms (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Debt Boosts Young People's Morale (SciAm 60-Second Science)



Snake Venom Viscosity Properties Help It Flow into Prey (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Most Interesting Discovered Species of 2010 Announced (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Multiple Mutations May Be Common (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Time to Stop Worrying about Invasive Species? (SciAm 60-Second Science)

Tiny Insect Makes Biggest Noise (SciAm 60-Second Science)



Single Laser Optical Approach Transmits 700 DVDs of Data per Second (SciAm 60-Second Science)



Small Group of People Dominate Some Internet Discussions (SciAm 60-Second Science)

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