further discussion in Proactive Steps Slack workspace

My side of the conversations:

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of people we need to gather to help here. Some initial ideas:

– information organizers (such as librarians)

– bureaucracy wranglers (such as social workers and lawyers)

– technology wranglers (such as security experts and software developers)

– fact-checkers and researchers (such as journalists and librarians)

– mass communicators (such as writers, artists, publishers, and journalists)

– face-to-face communicators (such as community organizers and therapists)

[to one of the librarian participating, who’d asked how to publicize/exercise their skills as a librarian], Hi! Definitely put librarian in your profile description. One of the first steps in here is to start fleshing out a little bit of what we know is likely to be needed for each of the “awareness” demographics. I’m planning to start from the Hurvitz document I’d linked in each of those channels. (See #awareness_uterus for an example.) Also we’ll want to begin gathering some info and resources for “resilience” and probably set up separate channels as needed. For example, “resilience_encryption”. Feel free to jump in on any of that.

One task someone may want to leap in on is this recommendation in the Hurvitz Concrete Suggestions document: “It’s probably a good idea to review this Marshall Project summary of Obama’s executive orders, since those are the most likely to be repealed quickly
Note: Most of these executive orders, while valuable, will be hard to immediately prepare for if undone by Trump :(”

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