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@everyone With every new appointment to Trump’s administration, my resolve to help those who are at risk grows. Here’s what we’re going to do.

Our first priority is to make helpful information available to people at risk and their allies.

We’re going to do that by creating a visitor-friendly website with detailed, accurate, well-organized information and by spreading word about that site via attractive, accurate, easily-shared images and text snippets.

Please help by jumping in where your skills and interest can make the most difference in the time you have available. We will be working in parallel on the website and on the information we’ll be putting in the site and social media share items.

If you’re a wordsmith, researcher, or information organizer of any kind (writers, journalists, librarians, designers, etc.) please join the ongoing conversation in our #communication channel. We need to decide what information we’re going to put on the website, plan how we’re going to make it understandable and engaging to visitors, and confirm its accuracy and completeness.

If you know WordPress, website design, or have graphics skills, please join the ongoing conversation in our #organization channel. We need to set up the website, make sure its infrastructure supports the information organization being decided on by the communication team, and make sure it is visually appealing and easy to use. We will also be talking about technical best practices for the content we’ll be sharing on social media.
– By Sunday night (11/20)
1. general agreement on the website’s starting categories (probably corresponding to our awareness channels with further categories related to resilience planned for the near future) and identification of any other information organizing factors which will affect the website’s infrastructure

2. hosted WordPress account established and associated with the new domain

– By Monday night (11/21)
3. WordPress theme selected and applied to the website

– By Tuesday night (11/22)
4. General review of the communication plan so far and confirmation that it and the website are in harmony

– Wednesday (11/23)
5. Begin adding content to the website

– Sunday (11/26)
6. Soft launch with initial content
It’s a very fast timeline, but thanks to @kara’s Concrete Suggestions document we have a solid rough draft from which to build our initial content. We’re in a good position to have this helpful information out to the world in time to give over 30 business days to those who need to act on it before the inauguration.

Thanks for all you do!

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