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Happy Pie-For-Breakfast Day!

Mostly visiting with family this morning (Pacific time) but during the forecasted rainy afternoon am planning on doing lots of work on the website.

Biggest help today is taking a look at #communication and weighing in if you have thoughts about how to organize the site.

If anyone wants to make a simple introduction to one of the categories (note that we’re currently thinking they’re different than our channels) that’d be helpful.

[message from librarian with Google Document ‘proactive steps hierarchy and resources’]
“Hi @everyone!

@dinahsanders, enjoy your pie and your fam!

I’m currently working on compiling some resources. I’ve mostly been working in Work, Home, & Money > Banking, but I’ve jumped around a little as I’ve felt so inspired. Currently pasting links and such into this google doc and consulting the Oh Crap! guide as to prevent duplicate work.

Feel free to jump in where you want and feel free to use this doc if you find it helpful to stay organized.”

Thanks, …!

One thing I’m liking about this website hierarchy and the name is that it’s open-ended enough for us to broaden the information after we get past this critical action period before January 20th.

thinking to the future as we design the hierarchy, let’s take a look at these action ideas too

Here’s another one to see if there are any additional resources/ideas we should note on our site.

Ah and another one we may want to consider for a new sub-category in the Privacy & Security section:

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