general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

@everyone, I’ve now entered all but the Self-Protection and Allies content into and I need your eyes and brains to check it before we soft launch the site.

For every post:
Do the links go to the right place?
Has it got the right categories and tags?
Are there any other corrections or additions needed?

What is the site missing?

We also need someone with a little artistic talent to whip up a logo for us. I was thinking maybe just a simple flight of stairs with a checkmark on the first step up.
Proactive Steps
Live your life.

Note: it’s my expectation that we’ll be going back in and editing posts to improve them. We’re kinda using blog architecture to make a non-timestream site—because it’s a whole lot easier this way! [:smiley_cat: emoji]
(Also, though I’ve turned off comments for some reason I’m still seeing the “0 Comments” message after the post titles on the home page. I’ll continue working to get rid of that.)

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