general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Hmm. * crickets * Okay, here’s what my graphics skills can muster.
proactivesteps logo

(Really gotta get someone to make a better version of that…)

@everyone, okay, it’s ready enough to very softly launch. Links all tested. I’ve added a contact form to each post to allow feedback with corrections and suggestions. (We’ll have to remember to add it to future posts.) I’m going to put out a call to the librarians who follow me on Twitter in hopes of getting some of the thin spots fleshed out.

I’m hopeful that someone of an artistic bent will see it and say, “oh good grief, here, have a better one”.

[answering a question]The grid is the latest posts, yes. Since the site is a grab bag of actions, I’m inclined to allow as many possible ways as we can for people to find what they need. To that end I’ve got both the structured category hierarchy and additional finding terms in the tag cloud.

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