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Hi everyone, I’ve not been posting much here because it got quiet, but is coming along well and starting to get visitors. “Tips for People with a Uterus” and “Tips for LGBTIQ” are the most popular posts so far.

I’ve got 20 open tabs of additional resources to go through and continue adding new posts and improvements to existing ones, but I’m very eager to have all your help in identifying needed edits and additions. Either comment in the appropriate channels here in Slack or by leaving a comment on the site.

Also, as January 20th approaches (cue the Jaws shark music) I’m starting to see more folks on Twitter asking where they can help join the resistance. I’m adding a new channel #resistance for us to talk about more political actions and groups than we’re including on the site. (As before, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible, I’m keeping that less focused on specific political advocacy actions.)

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