general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

added an integration to this channel: twitter

Okay, I think I’ve got the Twitter link fixed to post here instead of in #allies.
Here’s what already posted in that channel:

Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Understand your right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly
TwitterJan 7th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Stay up-to-date on your preventative health care
TwitterJan 9th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Hi parents! Got any good tips or resources for parents of kids who are vulnerable under the new administration? Please share!
TwitterJan 11th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Helpful advice for anyone joining in protests:
TwitterJan 20th, 2017

@everyone, feeling motivated by the wonderful marches and rallies? If you’re not out in the streets and are itching to do something to help, I have tasks with with which I need help. Just @ me here in Slack and I’ll hook you up. Thanks!

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