Yum! Crow!

Okay, so I said I got weirded out by that one fan/gossip board and got uncomfortable with it all and yadayadayada. So I’ve still been checking the board, but instead of just enjoying it, I sometimes get weirded out, sometimes enjoy it, and mostly feel vaguely guilty.

But, every now and then, along comes a post which makes me laugh so fucking hard I really don’t give a damn anymore. I love it when a certain sharp-tongued lady lashes into the trolls who come in raising hell because someone thinks their favorite movie stars might be gay, “You people are horrible! I mean, just because they were seen in a gay bar doesn’t mean…”

How dare you nasty people think a man isn’t straight just because he sucks another man’s cock! I have plenty of straight male friends who do this to each other all the time!! The nerve of you people!

[This post remained unpublished until January 2004 because, I guess, I felt more than vaguely guilty about reading raunchy gossip]

Major Geek

Check out this lovely Geek Test. I got 39.64497% which makes me a major geek.

Additional questions I would add (to which my answer is yes):
Have you ever owned a gaming store?
Do you have a weblog?
Do you have a weblog you started before 1999?
Do you collect jargon or slang?
Have you bought 10+ domain names?
Have you bought domain names which you never wound up using for the great idea you had when you bought them?
Do you have clothing which references your personal website?
Do you have clothing which references your friends’ websites?
Have you ever been a cheerleader for adults playing kickball?
Have you been to parties where everyone is introduced by first name and URL?
Do you wish you could have constant access to Google and IMDB even when you aren’t at your computer?
Was a character in a science-fiction or fantasy film a major positive influence in your formative years?
Were/are either or both of your parents geeks?
Do you know what filking is?
Do you know what a redshirt is?
Do you know what furries are?
Do you know what slash is and where it originated?
Have you ever answered phones for a public television fundraiser?
Can you recognize 10+ fonts on sight?
Did you link to this test from your weblog?
If you were posting an entry to your weblog about this test, would you be able to think of so many additional questions that you’d have to cut yourself short because you’d run out of lunch break?

[Thanks to Hudak & Keoni, respectively, for reminding me about fonts & filks]

[I took this again once I got home with a bit more leisure and scored 41.02564% Woohoo!]

Night Owl

*sigh* 10pm and I’m just feeling perky and alert. I’d like to stay up a couple hours and get things done, but tomorrow will be a long day – gotta pick up some furniture (the object & history obligations referred to in a cryptic previous post) in the evening, attend a dinner party and hope that it doesn’t rain while the stuff waits in the back of True Friend Kristin‘s truck for us to be done with dinner and head back to San Francisco.

I wish I was better at getting by on little sleep. I like a lot though and I ain’t talkin’ “I can only get by for so many days with only 5 hours”; I need 8 hours a night or else I need to do a 12 hour binge to recharge.

Plus I’m just not a morning person, so that 7am alarm is brutal – and yes, I know that most people have to get up earlier than that. I think I was happiest when I had my store and worked from 10 or 11am until 8 or 8:30pm. Quite nice.

So, though I’d love to post some of this backlog of interesting things, maybe scan some stuff and start filling in my past*, I guess I better go take a shower and then head to bed.

*sigh* Sometimes I’m my own little kid – “Mum! One more chapter! Pleeeeaaase?” The deal always was if I stayed up too late, I wasn’t allowed to be cranky in the morning. Tough love, let me tell ya. 🙂

*Re: filling in my past
It’s my intention to start posting some pre-blog items. Scanned stuff, journal entries, fragments from letters, etc. from my life before October 1998. (And isn’t that amazing? My blog will be 5 years old this year).

I just don’t get it.

Caterina is right on the money with this observation:

There appears to be some kind of denim disease going around that removes the top three inches from everyone’s pants and causes spots to appear on the upper thighs and buttocks of certain jeans. If you think your jeans may be susceptible, or have had recent contact with jeans exhibiting these symptoms, you should contact the CDC immediately. [source]

What is with these kids today? Sheesh.

Advantages to Working From Home

or, Necessity is the Mother of Invention

My hair is at an awkward length and there’s this one bit that tickles my nose in an exceedingly aggravating fashion. Having had short hair for years now, I have no hair ties around my home and was debating whether it was bad enough to be worth walking over to the drugstore to buy some sort of headband when I remembered: I own a tiara.

Please refer to me as Principessa if you wish to address my royal person today.

Lost Thursday

Took the day off to recover from the driving.
Moved my computer to the floor so I could play The Sims from bed.
Total slacker day, which was good.

Ah and I’m still kind of down and too inwardly directed. Uninspired by the work I do have with no alternative available yet. Worried about money. I really really wish I could just take a few months off. I might do it anyhow and only apply for the jobs that sound fulfilling. It really hinges on whether or not I get that 0% balance transfer. I don’t like the idea of letting my debt pile up, but I need some way of easing the tension.

Welcome to my midlife crisis, eh? At least I only got an iMac and not a sports car.