Dispatch from Carmel

My favorite note from Rageboy in quite some time:

The point of all this is to relate that in Carmel, which is not entirely dissimilar to the haunts of our youth, ecologically speaking, we saw one of those lizards we used to catch some 40 years ago. My God, the flood of memories that sight brought rushing back! Except it had been run over by a golf cart. It was so flat! We would not have believed an actual animal could be ironed out so smooth. It was as if it had been pressed. All it needed was a coat hanger and one of those plastic bags with the little twisty thing holding it together. Yes sir, here we are, your lizards are all ready to go. Have an enjoyable evening, sir. Or maybe it was just the whole resort atmosphere that made us think that. As always, very hard to know…

Moist, pink & scholarly

Added another rsf last night: passion.

Got 3 scans of paintings by Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac from a museum I wrote to trying to buy a catalog from a show of his work. (I’ll make a page about Bukovac, but for the moment you can just think of him as the Yugoslavian John Singer Sargent).

Had such good luck reading tech manuals there that I will now attempt to write my thesis in the bathtub.

What’s moist, pink and scholarly?

Just got my first issue of Stating The Obvious in my email. Mmm, biting criticism. Yum.

How to be a Real Geek Grrl

Looking at interesting resources on visual ergonomics forwarded by Peter.

This is the about coolest thing I’ve seen in a while: It’s time to rid yourself of evil [Maybe at this link as of Dec 2003]. (Thanks, bud).

Ok, so it’s 7:30. I left work early, so I could read my big book of ASPs in peace. Yeah, well, I read a chapter. Of course, I also read my email, had a salad, looked at sixdegrees, looked at bud, looked at all kinds of cool stuff linked from bud, listened to some Traffic, iced my knee (yes, a bit sore from overdoing it on the weekend, but not too bad, s’ok), ate some quiche, put on Poi Dog Pondering, and updated this. Ok, chapter two. No, really.

Real geek grrlz read technical manuals in the bathtub. 🙂

Mudsliding with Sallie


Yes, I was truly blessed with a magical upbringing. This is me, at school, with my first teacher, Sallie Rhyne, mudsliding. An official, school-sanctioned activity.

I made that sweatshirt myself and yes, there is an H, it's just a bit off center & hidden by the fold. The animal below my name is a rat, maybe Banana Bingo or Bianca Bonkers. The pants, prior to mud, were, I believe, purple wide-wale corduroys

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.21.50 PM

[The month and year of this photo is a wild guess as of 2014.]