Decide where we draw the line and then defend that line

One of the important ideas behind the holiday I invented, Discardia, and the book which I wrote about it, is that we should think about our limits and preferences. We should decide where we draw the line and then defend that line.

Which is why, despite some wonderful conversations and shared links here in Facebook, I'm in strong agreement with this video and after July The Art of the Shim will no longer be on Facebook.

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Lighter Drinking and the Life of the Street

"(This essay by Dinah first appeared in the Hayes Valley Voice.)
If you haven’t gone before 5pm on a workday, you haven’t really been to our little neighborhood bar on the green. At opening time—2pm—on a recent sunny Tuesday I stopped in at Brass Tacks to talk with co-owner Matty Conway. My plan was to spend a quiet hour discussing a topic of mutual interest: low-alcohol cocktails…"

Oh Facebook, why do you show me the text preview when I write the post and then hide it when you post? Sigh.

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The next big thing?


"Manhattan mixologist Naren Young thinks low-alcohol cocktails could be the next big thing. "Over the past five years, there was a trend towards super strong cocktails, served neat," he said. "Those aren't drinks you can enjoy in succession for a long period of time." The man has a point. Taste a temperate future at The NoMad's Bar, which has an entire page of low-alcohol drinks. Or try the popular aperol spritz at Nightcap, a brand-new industry hangout on the Lower East Side."

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