Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year everyone! Be kind to yourselves this month and drink lighter.

If you're normally a high-proof fan, explore the rewards of low-alcohol cocktails. If even those feel like too much after the festive season, January is a great time to get to know your non-alcoholic ingredients and play with bitters and flavored syrups in sparkling water or tea.

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Incredibly proud to be on this list!

"At the beginning of 2012 we published a list of the top 20 cocktail books ever published. After two more years of reviewing books we think there are another ten books which deserve to be added to this list. These 'must-haves' will not only teach you the art of bartending but give you recipes to be inspired by and new movements that we think will drive forward the craft. We also welcome our first female authors to this list. They're listed in alphabetical order."

Diffords Guide: "Update: 30 cocktail books you need on your shelves"

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Great publicity lately!

"Even serious cocktailers have to admit that it’s often hard to handle a whole night of it — especially as they get older. San Francisco writer Dinah Sanders has a whole book of solutions for this first-world problem in The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level. Her drinks bear no resemblance to the super-sweet, cranberry/grape mocktails that have been passed off as proper drinks in the past. Instead, this book provides an excellent collection of low-octane craft libations made with vermouths and other aperitifs to keep the tipsy down. This one’s a good pick for anybody who wants to ring in the New Year with a new philosophy, namely, 'More drink. Less drunk.'"

from "Books to drink up"

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