about one month from release

We're about one month from release, so I'll start whetting your appetites with the complete list of the book's 53 tested and true recipes: 
Adonis, Alfonso, Amaretto Sour, Americano, Antique Sour, Apparent Sour, Backpedal, Bamboo, Ben's Good Humor, Bitter Giuseppe, Bloody Betty, Bored Stiff, Boulevardier 1934, Champagne Julep, Cherry Mixture Cocktail, Chrysanthemum, Coffee Cocktail, Devil's Cocktail, Diamond Daisy Shim, Diplomat, Dubonnet Velvet, Epiphany, Far East Side, Fino Noir, Fire-Breathing Devil, Flor de Jerez, Flying Horseman, Grasshopper, Haberdasher, The Iggy, Jeff's Whimsy Shim, Lindsey's Whimsy Shim, Lodestone, Michelada, Nopa's Grapefruit Cocktail, Pantomime Cocktail, Perfect Thyming, Pimm's Cup, Pleasant Evening, Port of Havana, Port of SF, Rhum Dandy Shim, Rose (fallen), Satan's Whiskers (curled), Sherry Cobbler, The Shortie, Silver Ruby, Sloe Gin Fizz, Snow White, Sophia Loren Shim, Spion Kop Cocktail, Spring Green, Teresa.

Where possible recipes have been confirmed with their creators. When multiple recipes exist, for example with the Pimm's Cup, different versions were tested to select the best. (Thank you to my group of "guinea pigs" and their eclectic palates!)

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ebook users input?

I know most folks will want this book in its beautiful hardcover form, but many have also made the jump to ebooks. Whether you like browsing through a lovely "coffee table" book on your tablet or want a handy pocket version for your phone, I'm eager to hear about what devices and programs you'll want to use with The Art of the Shim.

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