Never run out of daydreams

Saw Patience [Gilbert & Sullivan operetta put on by The Lamplighters] today. It was good as it always is.

I haven’t been remembering dreams lately and I’m running out of daydreams. I just relized [sic] that running out of daydreams is bull shit!

Fantasy: Being able to be in stories i.e. [sic] The Narnia books or t.v. shows (not on the sets, with the characters as thogh they were real and had a roof and walls!)

Another fantasy

Camp trip on Monday!

Deanna and Erik are breaking up, I think (I wish there was a punctuation mark the opposite of “!” to express sadness)

I have a wonderful fantasy about being given 5 minutes to grab everything I want [in a store, I think I was imagining] and mark it with paint. at the end of the time, all the thing [sic] marked with paint I would get,


Morning: Harvey Korman was a man – Carol Burnett was a wife and Tim Conway was her husband [I used to watch the re-runs of the Carol Burnett show every day] First they’re in a parking lot talking about how its going to be turned into a pool and then they’re inside in a bakery section: Korman says something about the walls and runs into them with his cart and Conway starts to pick up the bread and a security guard give him a dirty look.

[I’m relieved that the quality of my dreams has largely improved over the past 24 years]


I read about indians before I went to bed.


I dreamed that there was sand on the deck by the sliding glass door and Jinx, Paul and I went out and molded little rivers in it and the soup from inside the house ran down the rivers and we ate it. There were indians.