Morning: Harvey Korman was a man – Carol Burnett was a wife and Tim Conway was her husband [I used to watch the re-runs of the Carol Burnett show every day] First they’re in a parking lot talking about how its going to be turned into a pool and then they’re inside in a bakery section: Korman says something about the walls and runs into them with his cart and Conway starts to pick up the bread and a security guard give him a dirty look.

[I’m relieved that the quality of my dreams has largely improved over the past 24 years]


I read about indians before I went to bed.


I dreamed that there was sand on the deck by the sliding glass door and Jinx, Paul and I went out and molded little rivers in it and the soup from inside the house ran down the rivers and we ate it. There were indians.

Play for Voices

Under Milkwood [Dylan Thomas’ play which my family used to have regular readings of] was a success. After we read it we joked around until 11:30 and the best way to describe the noise we were making is “Oh what will the neighbors say, what will the neighbors say”.

[Uncle] Larry’s friend Mark is a really neat person.