Ahhh, now I feel better.

I slept 8 or more hours for the past two nights and what a difference that makes! Last night I watched Cast Away and enjoyed it. Then I watched a lot of the extra features on the DVD (interview with Tom Hanks, interviews with survival consultants, “making of” special, and a documentary about the volleyball who plays a key role in the film – now the rest of you really want to see it, eh?). I slept until I felt like getting up and then had a light breakfast and read How To Become CEO – which I highly recommend to anyone seeking to succeed in any position at work.

Next on my list is re-reading How to Think Like a Ceo: The 22 Vital Traits You Need to Be the Person at the Top. Now you might assume I’m trying to be a CEO, but actually I’m trying to make the transition from thinking like a detail worker to thinking like a director. I enjoy detail, so it’s very easy for me to get sucked into the little picture. If I’m going to progress in my career, I need to delegate more and focus on larger goals. I need to switch from “how can I get the IF statement in this PHP page to parse correctly” to “is this project on time and under budget?” It’s hard because I do like coding, but I also enjoy directing projects and I do want to advance. I’m not motivated by money, but I am coming to realize that money and seniority provide the flexibility to get what does motivate me: exciting work, the opportunity to travel, the resources to buy land near my parents’ place in Mendecino. It’s an odd transition.

Sorry I haven’t written much lately.

I’ve been spending time thinking and hanging out with friends away from the computer. It’s a seasonal thing since this is my favorite time of year and I love being outside enjoying it.

And what’s been on my mind?

  • Who I am,
  • where to walk next in San Francisco,
  • when will I hear back from New Riders about my book proposal,
  • work,
  • family
  • and, since seeing Gods & Monsters, Brendan Fraser’s mouth.

There are many fans of the delectable Mr. Fraser, but I reveal my androgyne tastes when I tell you that this is one of my favorite pictures of him:

And now it’s time to go to work, but it’s Friday and tonight I’ll be seeing my friends (speaking of cute) Bill & JessaJune performing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in San Jose. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m thinking about staying home, watching movies and recharging my mental batteries.

Bad Chores, Good Villain

Given how I feel today, I think I’m glad we didn’t have the super-lazy weekend I was expecting. There is something really satisfying about getting all your ducks in a row. And it wasn’t all pain and suffering; we still had time to go see Mystery Men on Saturday night. It was very silly and we both enjoyed it mightily. Geoffrey Rush makes a really great super-villain. Hard to go wrong with a name like “Casanova Frankenstein”.

Pioneer Supper

I love web people.

Just saw ‘Home Page’ at Cinequest. It was great. Then had dinner with the director and the stars at a new Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant at 325 South First Street (downstairs from where Inkspot used to be in the “real world”). These are some fine people. ‘Home Page’ is showing again on Tuesday night. See it. http://www.cinequest.org, I think. Dreamweaver is crashing after every other word, well, at least every other sentence, and opening a browser too is too much to ask of my poor messed up computer. I don’t know what’s wrong with the poor thing, but it’s really cramping my style. Literally 25 or 30 crashes just writing this paragraph. Attempting to at least point from memory at these fine folk and their sites:

Doug: http://www.d-word.com (or was it .org?)

Justin: http://www.links.net

Carl: http://www.freedonia.com/~carl

Julie: http://www.awaken.org

Christopher: http://www.freeform.org

Steve: http://www.well.com/~srhodes

I don’t know if Van has a site. Peter gave me Steve & Christopher’s (at least ICQ isn’t crashing. Yet.)

Good movie

Just got back from seeing October Sky [link added in August 2003]. Go see it. Don’t argue. Don’t read a review. Just go see it.
It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if on New Year’s Eve, as we’re sitting in my car listening to some good music while the people inside at the party are being subjected to That Song again, I was telling you “Yes, I still think October Sky was the best movie I saw all year…”