Gourmet Friends Are Good Friends

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. Last week I had to work extra hours to make up for the holiday I couldn’t work and didn’t get paid for. And then I got sick on Wednesday. :p

The F/X reunion was fabulous and we raised an incredible amount of money for Mark. Yay!

My eBay auctions have gone so well, I’m about to start some more. [but I got sidetracked and didn’t].

I had friends over last night and it was fun. Bill & Jessica win Most Decadent for making fresh butter and then turning it into super garlic dipping sauce. Marie & Pete take second place for the combination of their offerings. Oh, but Robert better be tied there too for the salmon with mustard and capers. Oh hell, it was all great! Mike was knocked out of Most Fashionably Late to a Party by Dan who arrived almost 8 hours after it started. Fortunately, we were still going strong. (If you didn’t get invited, it’s because you’re on the other cycle. My place is just to small to invite everyone every time, so I’m going to start doing an alternate invite list (with occasional crossovers, of course). Watch for the March party invite coming soon).

Feeling better. Down to general fatigue and a scratchy throat. I’m still going to take it easy this week.

My computer has taken to crashing frequently. I think I’ll cut my losses and put this up now.

[I’m a little confused about this post. You see, I had begun my blogging life by just adding more into a given day’s post at the top so it would naturally fall in reverse chronological order on the page. However, the last line of this suggests that it wasn’t writtent that way. It’s possible that some of the other posts between October 1998 and whenever I stopped posting like that are somewhat out of their original order. I could go to the Internet Archive and check, but frankly, that sounds like a big pain for little payoff and I’ve got a lot of content still to add. You can deal, right? Good. – Dinah, January 2004]

Presents & mundania

Too lazy to move this to the old latest page today. [Apparently I used to only have the most recent post on the home page]

Feeling kind of sick. Maybe I drank too much eggnog. It was only 2 glasses and nonalcoholic, but still I feel all blurghy.

Thanks to the amazing power of Sherman “Ubershopper” Lewis, I have finished all my holiday shopping. Well, ok, all but one special someone whose size I don’t know. (For the anal retentive, here’s two dots to put over the U in ubershopper : )

Recommended restaurant: Tokyo Go Go on 16th near Valencia in San Francisco. Very stylish and tasty new Japanese place.

Gave the most outrageous present I have ever given. My fears were relieved by the recipient appearing to be rather pleased, albeit shocked. No, I’m not going to tell you more than that. I’m just going to encourage you to follow your wild instincts, be unconventional and if the friendship is worth having it will survive.
Oh, all right, here’s a clue.

I wish I could afford to take a week off. I really need it. *sigh* Contracting sucks sometimes…

Of course, I also wish I could spend a thousand dollars at Archie McPhee. Such is the nature of desire.