Tis the season…

Got all my receipts entered and planned bills. It’s ugly, but survivable.Considering how many nice prezzies I bought this year and having to get new tires for the car, it could be worse. (Well, actually it couldn’t be much worse – I’m almost out of money and close to my limit on my one credit card). The big drag is that my student loan payments of almost $250 a month start in January. Ugh.

Man, wrapping these presents is taking a long time. I guess that mean life is going well, eh?

Stayed up until 2am last night talking to Peter, but I’m glad I took the chance because I won’t to talk to him again for a week and a half. 😦

Don’t forget to buy yourself a pair of feety pajamas. You deserve them.

Had a really nice relaxing bath last night in water rendered silky and delicious by homemade bath stuff from my friends. I think luxury presents are the best. That includes the wonderful simple stuff too. I have this great basic little grey wool cardigan that my ex-mother-in-law (mother outlaw?), Marit, gave me that I just adore.

Dang. Gotta go buy more wrapping paper. Don’t you hate it when you get that damn translucent plastic stuff by accident? Hmm, leaving the house. I suppose this means I better change out of what I’m wearing.

The Post-Turkey Lull

Hey! Where is everybody? I think I’ve only gotten a couple pieces of personal email (Hi Lisa! Hello family!) and no phone calls this weekend except for those arranging nice visits with Sherman and Joe. You guys are cool. 🙂
Not to say the rest of you aren’t cool, you’re just too dang quiet! (Patrick, you’re immune from this chiding – monster email protects you until I actually reply).

The Week In Review

Busy week after finishing the final draft of my report. Part exhaustion, part fleeing the computer in relief.

Restrained from killing client at work on Wednesday when I discovered he had added tables & fields to the project database without making a backup. See Rule #2.

Shopped Wednesday & Thursday for costume stuff. Spent rather a lot on lingerie. Tee hee!

Friday went to work in costume as an iMac. Pushed the boundaries of appropriate work attire. Pictures coming soon, in the mean time, imagine a bad transporter accident between an iMac and Spice Girl. Had dinner with Sherman at Willow St. Pizza. Mmmm, yuppie chow.

Saturday, Halloween, ran errands with Sherman. Got malled out. Headachy and knee-achy. Recovered via a delicious dinner of Afghan food at Afgani on El Camino Real. Application of two shots of scotch also helped permit a cheerful appearance at Bill, Jessica & Kristin’s party. (Odd to drink before and not during a party, but it seemed to work well). Great, great costumes! I hope to get copies of pictures. Ian as a chair, Qarin as an innocent Catholic school girl (*cough cough*), Robert as the evil penguin from The Wrong Trousers, Fred as Mike (still laughing about that one), Sharon as The Black Widow (hotcha hotcha!), our hosts displaying their charms (ahem), and Lisa as such a cuddly lil’ teddy bear. Great fun!

Ah, the sad, bad news of the week: my car has finally died. It put in long and noble service and I take back any catty remarks I made about it. “Now what?” you say. Well, I’m going to try getting by without a car for a while. I only work 5 miles away and so bus or carpool seem workable, though I’m also considering getting a scooter. Considering my insurance rates (only having had a license since February of this year), a new car would cost me about $450 a month and I can think of better things to do with my cash… Hell, I can rent a car for a few days twice a month and still come out ahead of the game.

Great news from moveon.org:
“Last Thursday, thousands of volunteers across the nation responded to our invitation to deliver the MOVE ON message to their Congressional Representatives – in person. Volunteers delivered petitions in the majority of congressional districts, spanning 44 states. Representatives and their staffs were very impressed by the diversity, civility, and commitment of the meeting attendees. It was a class act. Thank you. Congressional Representatives and their aides were also shocked that these groups — so unified in purpose — had never met each other before. For many, it was their first glimpse of the power of the Internet as a medium for grassroots political discourse and expression. For a press release summarizing the day, see http://www.moveon.org/release1029after.htm
For some highlights from the day, see http://www.moveon.org/highlights.htm

Didn’t make any progress on the revised final draft of my report/thesis thang, but did do laundry, tidy up, pay bills and restore my sense of stability. Oh, and I made soup. And I continued reading a really excellent book by Arturo Perez-Reverte: The Flanders Panel. Highly recommended.