This and that

Phone line still dead at home. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

*whew* I’m online again. Dang, that was close. Good thing the library has access.

Had a good weekend except for the unconnected parts. Met (non-electronically) Peter Merholz and had a great conversation about the web and webfolk and all kinds of stuff.

Wrote the abstract to my thesis.

Got quoted in JOHO. Am smug.

Current resume now available as a Word document and plain ol’ vanilla text. [Links to resume removed December 2003 since I’m not job hunting and there are limits to how much I want up on the site. Teen angst, sure. Everywhere I’ve ever worked? I don’t think so, bunny.]

Making Another List (I love lists!)

[probably written sometime between July 7th and mid-August, 1985, in planning for my junior year abroad in Wales]

Things to bring: 1st try
– 2 pairs jeans (ratcage [I’m not sure what I meant by that. I have a vague memory of having a rat cage which was a converted aquarium and it might have had a dark blue back which matched the color of a pair of jeans] & light blue)
– 2 sweaters (green/grey & dk blue)
– 2 turtlenecks (cotton blue & brown & green?)
– 7 pairs underwear
– 7 pairs socks
– 2 bras (3?) [and then the 2 and (3?) are crossed out and 4 is written in]
– 7? t-shirts
– black cotton dress
– wool pants
– wool vest
– dress shirt
– rain boots [next to which is written “ship?”]
– capezio shoes
– Tights?
– Cape? [next to which is written “ship?”]
– sneakers
– All Eap [Education Abroad Program] papers which will be needed over there
– Let’s Go [Britain] 85
– Stately Homes [a travel guide from a past trip with my family, I think]
– tape player [next to which is written “ship?”]
– tapes [next to which is written “ship?”]
– safety pins
– Swiss Army knife [A gift from my father, I think]
– (bring little blue purse)
– sewing kit
– band aids
– recipes
– some stuff for personalizing my room [next to which is written “ship?”]
– Woolite
– Dr. Bonner’s? [Peppermint castile soap]
– new wool skirt (I’ll need to get something to wear with it. Make a fichu? [My Dickens Faire influence showing through; most mid-80’s college students don’t use the word “fichu”])
– deodorant
– glasses
– hairbrush & comb
– journals & cash book

[That is the last entry in the “Beginning… Sept. 1983 by Dinah Saunders” journal]

More post-sophomore summer

I think I’m allergic to the house. Shit. What a hassle.

It’s summer. I shouldn’t still have all these “have-to-do” things. Clean room. Clean bathroom. (Vacuum). Move up Santa Cruz stuff sorting it en route. Not too bad, really. All I need is a free day.

Pinel [my primary school] reunion Sunday. I better call Alice [Kinney, my beloved primary teacher] tomorrow.

Good night, World. Dinah’s gonna crash for all too brief a time. And no skin with me. No loving male. Rats.

Planning for College

In a blank book which I assume to have been a gift, in which the inside front cover is silver writing reading “Beginning… Sept 1983 by Dinah Saunders” (so probably not from someone in my family, who do know how I spell my last name), are these notes on the first six pages, presumably from the summer or fall of 1983:

Things I Need:
– washcloth
– screws for picture hanging + hanging wire
– coffee cups
– plate + silverwhere [sic]
– big package of detergent
– tea
– hot chocolate [not checked off]
– celtic harp music
– Robin Williamson + other records
– big pillow
– mirror [not checked off]
– What People Wore
– popcorn popper, corn & oil
– other pens
– tapes they borrowed [Don’t know who they were]
– stamps
– string + rings [?]
– pallette [?, sic]
– down jacket
– salt (butter flavor?) [sic, not checked off]
– Complete Shakespeare
– weyrs [this refers to a project based on Anne McCaffrey’s books, one of which I am re-reading today, July 1st 2003, by coincidence]
– Rocky Horror Book

Food (?)
Sunday – chewy spaghetti, yucko but good salad
Monday – actually good tacos (a little flimsy, but…)
Tuesday – soup + salad good(!)

More Stuff
– staples (stapler type) [as opposed to the generic supplies sense, I suppose]
– herbs [not checked off]
– rest of [Renaissance] Faire stuff
– Rocky Horror stuff
– t.v. [I don’t remember having a t.v.; that’s odd]
– chalkboard [not checked off]
– Edward Gorey books
– J.B. Toad [a fine knit frog made by my Grandma Muriel]

Bring to S.C. [Santa Cruz, though I think all these represent lists of things to take to university with me. Maybe they’re for separate trips home & back to school]
– T & T stuff [Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game]
– CA I.D. card
– Victrola case [yes, as a teenager I had an empty Victrola case, which I kept blankets & things in]
– big pillow
– sewing stuff
– Arch. stuff [this is followed by “???”, so I think I must have been making this list in Santa Cruz and then when I was in Martinez and gathering things together, I couldn’t figure out what it referred to]
– cloak [yep, also had a floor-length, wool cloak as a teenager. It was a present from, um, Eric Griswold, I think]
– blue quill
– pea soup recipe
– loaf pans
– videos
– birdseed
– lamp
– Halloween stuff

– laundry + shower
– pack
– patch
– window for Jeff [stained glass?]
– find glasses case
– get check from Jinx [yes, even at 18 I referred to my mum as Jinx and my stepdad as Paul]
– tell Jinx about grants
– trim hair [not crossed off, circled with “next time” written next to it]
– J+P’s prez’s [by which I meant “Jinx & Paul’s presents]
– pay Paul back $15

– chalkboard? [“next time” is written beside this]
– stereo
– prez’s
– records + tapes
– The Blue Sword [the Robin McKinley book]
– cheese + crackers

– leave prez’s for J+P
– put foam on bed/put sheets to wash
– roll up sleeping bag + blanket + towel
– make sure I have $, keys, ID + proxy cards, check for $922
– toothbrush, etc.
– double check

2 boxes
duffel bag
dice box [scratched out]
cork board
wine bottle

Bring to SC
– cards
– some T&T & weyr stuff
– poncho
– corkboard(s)
– clothes to left of Miss Glitz [wish I could remember what outfit earned the epithet “Miss Glitz”]
– down jacket?
– shoes by door
– 1 shelf Only of books

Leave Behind
– board games
– some RPG stuff [Role Playing Game]
– Miss Glitz
– some costuming stuff
– top hat, etc.


    Time is flying by, how can it be Friday already. Test tomorrow, S.A.T. Horrors. After the test I will work at the Synergy sale. I guess I'll call Barbara tomorrow night. Eyedoctor monday morning, Library exam in the afternoon. Barbara's party the 13th, go to harvest fest. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Dentist January 21st. I think I will stay here with Wendy. No money though, hmmm, better go home for dinner. I'll stay here, study through 6th period, work with Wendy 'til 4:30 or 5, go home, come back around 5:30 or 6 work for 2 more hours go to the game, walk home, go to sleep, get up at 7, go to acalanes, take S.A.T., go to synergy, work, go home, slow down.