Just got home from seeing Throwing Muses at Slims. Very enjoyable. Great bassist too, not Tanya Donnelly, but really good. The opening band was Audio Learning Center and they were pretty decent.

Plus we had the pleasant surprise of bumping into Mike, Karen, Lawrence and Peter up from the south bay.

Nice waitress, clean bathroom, good drinks, tasty nachos also, clean cab on the way home, so all in all a very good evening.

The only fly in our ointment was the man we were sitting behind who I dubbed “The Vidal Sassoon Chair Dancer”.
A) Chair dancing shouldn’t involve the whole body.
B) I don’t care how fabulously healthy your hair is, you will look like a dork if you toss it around like that.
C) It’s no longer cool to get that ice skater, curved under at the end sort of haircut. The 70’s were a long time ago, honey.


Broke my first guitar string tonight.

I’d like to be able to say it was because I was rocking hard, but actually I was tuning really really badly. *sigh* So mortifying to a) mess up the nice guitar that isn’t mine and b) to do it because I was turning the wrong, um, tuning thingy that I don’t know the name of.

Clearly not yet on the way to being a rock goddess here. I think I better go alphabetize something. Gotta stick with your strong suits sometimes.


I am stoked six ways from Sunday right now. Thanks to B.J. & Beverly, tonight I got to go to the Fillmore to see The Rock Bottom Remainders with special guest Roger McGuinn play. Yes, I’m a hippie chick now; I’ve listened to him play “Nine Miles High” at the fuckin’ Fillmore, baby.

Plus there was a nice surprise: Robin Williams did a long comedy set to kick things off. Very funny.

I saw Amy Tan whip Roger McGuinn’s ass and put her cigarette out on Scott Turow’s head during “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. Scott makes quite the fun remainderette, I must say. If I were his type and single, I might be makin’ moves. Of course, I rather suspect I’d be standing in line.

Moment that made me wish I’d brought panties to throw on stage: Greg Iles’s version of “Steamroller”. MmmMMMmm.

The best though?
I will now be practicing the electric guitar with Dave Barry‘s lovely red pick.

Rock on!

You know what I really want?

I wanna hear The Donnas cover “Cashmere” by Nerf Herder (from the album American Cheese).

You go to school, you do the homework
Extra credit – But you still feel like a jerk
Second captain of the debating club
You’ve got the GPA, but where is the dirty love?
It’s not right
You’re by yourself on a Friday night
Lost and alone
You gotta bark if you want the bone

Put your hands on my cashmere sweater
My cashmere sweater
Put your hands on my cashmere sweater
Don’t it make you feel better?

Hot indeed.

I took it fairly easy today but did have a very pleasant outing with my friend Fil. He called yesterday to say the friend he’d planned to go with had to back out and would I care to go to the matinee of the musical “Some Like It Hot” starring Tony Curtis (this time as the rich old millionaire instead of a cute guy in drag). We had a great time, made even better by the surprise to me of front row seats!

The show was quite enjoyable with good music, excellent costuming & staging and a fantastic cast. Mr. Curtis did not steal the show, but he was, according to Fil, no disappointment (unlike his recent experience of Robert Goulet in South Pacific and Ann-Margaret in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas).

We were fortunate, I think, in seeing the understudy, Jacqueline Bayne, playing the Marilyn Monroe part of Sugar. She had a magnificent voice and from the biographies I’m guessing she wasn’t trying to be Monroe which it sounds like the normal person does. Her style of speech was reminding Fil of Katherine Helmann’s ditzy character on the tv series Soap. Sweet but spacy.

William Ryall as Spats the gangster was great – they did a wonderful effect of having all the gangsters tap dance their machine gun fire. Very good dancing by many of the leads. Timothy Gulan and Arthur Hanket as our fearless heroines, er, heroes, were really fun and carried the parts well.

We were also really impressed by one of the chorus members whose name we never caught. He was absolutely everything you want in a member of a show, great dancer, good voice, and, above all, projecting the right mood at all times. Thanks to Google, by searching for a random chorus member’s name and the name of the show, I found a page with pictures of the whole ensemble ( and learned the promising fellow is Gair Morris. Worth watching for him in the future, I say.

All in all, I highly recommend the show to those who enjoy good song & dance. Costume buffs may also wish to attend – Suzy Benzinger’s work in this one is outstanding.

The Best Band In The World

I just got back from having my socks rocked off by They Might Be Giants. They were amazing. The whole band kicks ass. Amazing guitar work. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in my life. They’re playing again at the Fillmore tomorrow night and next week in Santa Cruz. Do not miss this tour. Just don’t. It’s worth dropping everything and finding a ticket somehow. It’s worth going by yourself if you can’t get someone to go with you. They are in fine fine form. And, in what I consider a perfect tribute for my birthday season, they played “Older”: You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older and now you’re even older and now you’re even older. you’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older, and now you’re older still. Time! marching on and still marching on. This day will soon be at an end and now it’s even sooner and now it’s even sooner and now it’s even sooner this day will soon be at an end and now it’s even sooner and now it’s sooner still.. You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older and now you’re even older and now you’re even older. you’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older, and now you’re older still. I love that song. It makes me feel happy and alive. I think maybe that just sums up the way freaks like me think. (Why, yes, my freak flag is raised higher and higher and, no, I’m not alone).

A little more understanding

I learned something interesting from my friend Chris the code monkey this week. He said

Tonal music establishes a base, so that it means something to leave it and return, which you can hear in Bach. When you leave the base, you can feel tonal “gravity” pulling you back, and when you do come back, it’s a release of tension. There are many ways to create and release tension in music, and tonality is one way to do that, according to specific principles, with harmony.
And now you also know what “atonal” music is: music that doesn’t follow those principles for creating harmonic tension. Such music might have other rules, or create tension in some completely different way.

wow. That’s so cool!

Breakfast in a Sock

Some mornings you need something stronger than the usual drive time chatter. Today I tuned in to The Sandman. Alas, my good friend Pete Spomer no longer broadcasts, but I have a mix tape he made some years back called “Songs To Annoy My Friends”. There’s something special about a day that starts with Fred Lane’s The French Toast Man.


I notice that our tax dollars will be going to support a “kid-friendly” section of the internet. Given that it will be protecting the little darlings by these means

Web sites in the domain would be prohibited from linking to sites outside it, and they could not set up chat rooms, instant messaging or other interactive services unless they could certify that they did not expose children to pedophiles or pose other risks.

I’d say it’s really more of an intranet than the internet per se.

Also, given this clause

If privately held NeuStar were to lose money on the venture, it could give control back to the Commerce Department, which would seek another operator

I fear that the kids will be protected from the terrible danger of exposure to pictures of naked people (that’s sarcasm, folks), but be laid wide open to corporate messages on every page. Well, I guess I should be glad there could be a place for kids which is free from “sexually explicit material, hate speech, violence or other material not suitable for minors”, but I sure do think commercial advertising falls under that last clause.