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added an integration to this channel: twitter

Okay, I think I’ve got the Twitter link fixed to post here instead of in #allies.
Here’s what already posted in that channel:

Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Understand your right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly
TwitterJan 7th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Stay up-to-date on your preventative health care
TwitterJan 9th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Hi parents! Got any good tips or resources for parents of kids who are vulnerable under the new administration? Please share!
TwitterJan 11th, 2017
Proactive Steps@proactivesteps
Helpful advice for anyone joining in protests:
TwitterJan 20th, 2017

@everyone, feeling motivated by the wonderful marches and rallies? If you’re not out in the streets and are itching to do something to help, I have tasks with with which I need help. Just @ me here in Slack and I’ll hook you up. Thanks!

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Hi everyone, I’ve not been posting much here because it got quiet, but is coming along well and starting to get visitors. “Tips for People with a Uterus” and “Tips for LGBTIQ” are the most popular posts so far.

I’ve got 20 open tabs of additional resources to go through and continue adding new posts and improvements to existing ones, but I’m very eager to have all your help in identifying needed edits and additions. Either comment in the appropriate channels here in Slack or by leaving a comment on the site.

Also, as January 20th approaches (cue the Jaws shark music) I’m starting to see more folks on Twitter asking where they can help join the resistance. I’m adding a new channel #resistance for us to talk about more political actions and groups than we’re including on the site. (As before, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible, I’m keeping that less focused on specific political advocacy actions.)

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Just added a couple great resources in a new post: Steps

Protect yourself from online harassment
Anyone speaking their mind online will encounter those who disagree. That’s a mind-expanding benefit of opening yourself up to the wider world. Some, though, may come under attack and no one deserves that kind of hatefulness.
You can take steps to protect your online safety.
The Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) guide is intended for those targeted online by individuals, loosely organized groups & cybermobs. It covers:
Preventing Doxxing (the publication of your private information)
Passwords & Login Security
Website Security
Social Media
Online Gaming Security
Physical Mail
Reporting to Social Media
Reporting to Law Enforcement
Plan For Support & Back-up
Human rights defenders concerned with attacks from governments, major corporations, or other massively organized and/or resourced institutions should consult The Front Line Defenders Workbook on Security.


general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Okay! The site is public and ready to spread the word to a wider group of people. Let’s do this first in a “help us improve the site” way and then we’ll do a broader public announcement by the end of the week once we (I hope) have some additions and corrections.

Here’s a sample message you can use to help draw more feedback and improvements:
“Allies! Know good resources for those impacted by U.S. changes? Visit & suggest edits to help us share the best info”

Here’s a sample message you can use for general sharing of the site in a few days:
“Worried about changes in the U.S? You can take positive action now. Visit for steps to take to secure your rights.”

Proactive Steps
Concrete suggestions for positive action to protect your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Hmm. * crickets * Okay, here’s what my graphics skills can muster.
proactivesteps logo

(Really gotta get someone to make a better version of that…)

@everyone, okay, it’s ready enough to very softly launch. Links all tested. I’ve added a contact form to each post to allow feedback with corrections and suggestions. (We’ll have to remember to add it to future posts.) I’m going to put out a call to the librarians who follow me on Twitter in hopes of getting some of the thin spots fleshed out.

I’m hopeful that someone of an artistic bent will see it and say, “oh good grief, here, have a better one”.

[answering a question]The grid is the latest posts, yes. Since the site is a grab bag of actions, I’m inclined to allow as many possible ways as we can for people to find what they need. To that end I’ve got both the structured category hierarchy and additional finding terms in the tag cloud.

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Okay, got the comments cleaned off the home page. Added the self-defense section.
I still need the help of someone with graphics skills to create us a minimally acceptable logo.

What else do we need before we go live?

Even hopping in and helping for 10 minutes will help me bring this website live where it can begin helping people. I can’t do this alone and we need to get this info out to the world!

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

@everyone, I’ve now entered all but the Self-Protection and Allies content into and I need your eyes and brains to check it before we soft launch the site.

For every post:
Do the links go to the right place?
Has it got the right categories and tags?
Are there any other corrections or additions needed?

What is the site missing?

We also need someone with a little artistic talent to whip up a logo for us. I was thinking maybe just a simple flight of stairs with a checkmark on the first step up.
Proactive Steps
Live your life.

Note: it’s my expectation that we’ll be going back in and editing posts to improve them. We’re kinda using blog architecture to make a non-timestream site—because it’s a whole lot easier this way! [:smiley_cat: emoji]
(Also, though I’ve turned off comments for some reason I’m still seeing the “0 Comments” message after the post titles on the home page. I’ll continue working to get rid of that.)

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

winston wrote a really good piece:

Thinking About Winning the Next Election
The 2004 presidential election was the first presidential election I was eligible to vote in. I proudly voted for President George W. Bush’s second term. I did not vote in 2008 because I had gotten married a few weeks prior and neglected to register. If I had voted, it would have timidly been for Barack Obama. In 2012 I did register and vote and I proudly did so for President Obama’s second term. Since November 9, 2016, I’ve been trying to remember what exactly changed my beliefs over those 8 years. Clearly there were some big shifts; what caused them?

general channel messages from Proactive Steps workspace

Happy Pie-For-Breakfast Day!

Mostly visiting with family this morning (Pacific time) but during the forecasted rainy afternoon am planning on doing lots of work on the website.

Biggest help today is taking a look at #communication and weighing in if you have thoughts about how to organize the site.

If anyone wants to make a simple introduction to one of the categories (note that we’re currently thinking they’re different than our channels) that’d be helpful.

[message from librarian with Google Document ‘proactive steps hierarchy and resources’]
“Hi @everyone!

@dinahsanders, enjoy your pie and your fam!

I’m currently working on compiling some resources. I’ve mostly been working in Work, Home, & Money > Banking, but I’ve jumped around a little as I’ve felt so inspired. Currently pasting links and such into this google doc and consulting the Oh Crap! guide as to prevent duplicate work.

Feel free to jump in where you want and feel free to use this doc if you find it helpful to stay organized.”

Thanks, …!

One thing I’m liking about this website hierarchy and the name is that it’s open-ended enough for us to broaden the information after we get past this critical action period before January 20th.

thinking to the future as we design the hierarchy, let’s take a look at these action ideas too

Here’s another one to see if there are any additional resources/ideas we should note on our site.

Ah and another one we may want to consider for a new sub-category in the Privacy & Security section: