Pinel School reunion

[a reunion of my K-8th grade school]


I had a great time today at my grade school reunion. The school closed in, I think, 1979 so we were all spending a lot of our remaining brain power on trying to rebuild old memories and put names to faces then & now. A good foundation for future events.

The symbol of Jtel


One of the big kids' forts at Pinel was the temple of Jtel.

[My recollection, as of 2014, is that this arose out of a school trip where they saw a damaged 'Hotel' sign which now read Jtel.]

Pinel School reunion crowd


Bill Kenney in the foreground.

Assembling for the presentation



Blurry but smiling Linden


even blurrier April, Vandy & David behind

Alice listening to the presentation


Listening to the presentation


No secrets

Well, I have houseguests. Since the servers at school will be down tomorrow, I put the pages for the class I’m teaching up here on my site. Now my students will be visiting my personal site. It’s kinda like having your parents over.

Note to myself:
try to refrain from talking about politics, sex and booze for a few days. Oh, and don’t be a pottymouth.

Note to my students:
I moved the javascript examples up here as well

[***Question as of September 2003: Does that …/archive/240/ content still exist at all?***]

F/X Reunion and finishing the degree

Worked a short day (5 hours) and then jumped through my last academic bureacratic hoop (at least as a student, I’m sure they’ll have a new set for teachers). I turned in the final final final binding version of my project report and I am now officially done with my masters degree. They still have to send me a little piece of paper, but I am now Dinah P. Sanders, M.L.I.S.

Had dinner at Fil’s house along with Deb, Chris & Tori and we planned F/X: the Reunion. If you were a member of the big happy family of clubgoers and employees, send your name, email and snailmail addresses to [] and get on the list for an invitation. Better dig out that old black card. You’ve got until February to decide what to wear. (I’ll be doing the website soon – watch this space).

My ISP is misbehaving badly, if you don’t hear from me except from work, that’s why. Grrr.


Got email today from number one on my list of people I lost touch with who I’d love to connect with again. 🙂
Hi, Elf! Missed you.

Wound up working an extra hour. And missing the bus. *sigh* Still only got home 40 minutes later than I would have if I had a working car, but it got me thinking, sitting in chilly suburbia, about what I could do with those 40 minutes. I could work them, assuming I have a client to bill them to which I currently do, and make enough to make a car payment. And I could stop at the store with them now and then to get the ingredients with which I could spend that time making myself a lunch instead of buying it. Or I could spend them working on Inkspot which might make me some money if I invested more time in it. So, since I do not live or work in a true urban area with flexible public transit, since it’s getting cold, since my knee hurts a bit from all this walking, since I can work out a way to afford it, I am abandoning the moral high ground and reconsidering internal combustion. Sorry, Peter. How about if you teach me to ride a bike again next spring when, I hope, my knee can handle it?

Need to rest my arm before typing more, but watch this space for a revised version of my thesis with extra citations to back up my wild claim that the web needs design documentation.

…Hot Bath Interlude…

Followed by a whole bunch of writin’ and citin’ leading to the revised final draft of my report and bibliography

Bibliography in Word [links removed when post migrated into Typepad in 2004]
also text
also rich text format

Report in Word
also text
also rich text format

I am really tired now. The alarm is going off in 6 hours. I hope that is enough to get me through another long day…

Final Draft

[Used to have links to my thesis final draft document in 3 formats here.]

Sent the report to my advisors. Thanks again everyone.

Good Indian food with good friends and a soak in a hot tub and fun conversation. Feeling loads better thanks to Eric, Robert & Seth.

I think Dreamweaver plays with your column widths. Grrrr. I swear all these pages were supposed to be a maximum width of 600 pixels. I just changed this one to 620. It better stick…


    Bottom of the ocean dark slime mud bubbles strange fish rising up more fish sunlight whales dolphins glinting lights on surface of water kelp forests waves wind gulls fish jumping boats waves clouds storm (brief) move inland birds bay narrowing to river waterfalls going up over them off to side forests deer Alpine pine deciduous plains mustangs antelope african plains people cultures pyramids countries [illegible] moving planet turning moon and earth solar system galaxy turning black muck again

Vangelis Alpha

primevil [sic] slime and ooze coral anenomes florescent light fish moving up octipi more levels of fish whales (at trumpets) from below at first sillohettes huge moving past (to right screen) more schools of fish (new theme) dolphins underwater sunlight glinting through water orcas dolphin breaks through to surface whales later (switch to above water, 1st time) birds move over water inland schooner bay bridge whale sounds across 1st bridge 2nd up river getting wilder 3rd forests at sides animals salmon up waterfalls away from river (at new [illegible]) last whale down over mountains as snow goats down through redwoods deer down deciduous birds Plain's horses african drums plains antelope cities people dancing  running old tokyo tower pyramids Kremlin cathedrals Statue of liberty move off from planet clouds moving moon rotation solar system turning galaxy turning galaxy gets farther away keeps turning return black screen.

Vangelis Alpha 5 min 11 sec.

[Interesting writing exercise. I think perhaps the first round was in class and the second at home with the music of my choice, but I'm just guessing. I wouldn't have had the Cosmos soundtrack cassette tape on my person, I doubt.]