Try Making Yourself More Interesting – SXSW 2009

Try Making Yourself More Interesting
Friday, March 13th at 05:00 PM

  • DL Byron – Bike Hugger
  • Amit Gupta – Photojojo
  • Brian Oberkirch – Small Good Thing
  • David Rees –
  • Kristina Halvorson – Brain Traffic

There are no cheat codes for
community. No Charles Atlas shortcuts to make your pet project the one
to rule them all. Want people to think you're awesome? Be awesome. This
panel promises a bullshit-free look at how you might tune out the
jibber jabber, tune in to those who matter, put your head down and make
your online service a little bit more epic each day. We'll dissect Bike
Hugger, Photojojo, Metafilter, and other examples of Web charm for what
*you* can do. Today, and tomorrow. And the day after. Which is how you
will become what you want to be.

No laptop so my notes are minimal:

Do epic shit.
Sustainability AND coolness.
What are the metrics that matter to you?
Whose work means something to you?
Give side projects front & center time?
Focus on delicious details.

and the Oberkirch quote everyone loved:
"I think that marketing is dead only in the way Obi-Wan Kenobi is dead."

Other folks' take on this session:

Addie Broyles picked up on many of the same points I did

Notes from Daniel Slaughter

Notes from David Lee King

beautifully presented notes from daniel of Almost Daniel (who apparently could produce better course handouts than some of my past professors)

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First bed I recall having with my initial in the headboard


also the first one with iron cannonshot on the corners – I'll spare you the picture of the brutal bruise I got the first time walking around it while unpacking

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.34.23 PM

Happy at SXSW


When do you think this was painted?


Something about the aesthetic says 1980s. I think we're just starting to get enough distance on it to see the temporal biases, especially in ideals of feminine beauty.

Would have kept the big bag if this was on it


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