Bike Bags & Boobs

I’m havin’ a bitch of a time finding any info on whether or not busty women can comfortably wear bike messenger bags. Anyone got any experience one way or another? I just keep thinking of my old car which had the seatbelt mounted in just the wrong place and made me feel like it was trying to saw me into being an amazon archer.

I don’t want to just get some old cheapie school backpack a) because they fall apart too fast and b) because they have no style. Oh and I am experiencing serious geek toy coveting towards those Timbuk2 bags, but I just walked down to the Harley dealership on Van Ness and tried one on and it is as uncomfortable as I feared.

Chapter Foo, in which I begin to appreciate Microsoft products a bit more…

I usually bad-mouth IE5 because it took a great leap backwards in its support of Cascading Style Sheets (dorks!) and Windows 98 is frequently irritating (backwards compatability, my ass), but something has happened which has given me a new appreciation for them. I just got home from a hard week at work and sat down to grade my students final projects (so I can be done with this working two jobs nonsense) when I discovered that my trackball had died. Well, more accurately, that the wheel which directs the cursor up and down had died. I can click the bottom 20 pixels of my screen anywhere I want, but anything else is out of the question. I could have switched to a mouse. I could have gone out and bought a new trackball (though, really, Kensington, this ought to have had a much longer lifespan). Instead, I’m navigating the web and my computer with keyboard commands. So far, it’s working really well and I’m rather impressed. It’s also giving me more appreciation of the web experience for those who find mousing difficult. It’s probably better for my hands too!