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I’ve made a few edits above to bring the auto-imported tweets closer to my vision for their appearance here, but, there’s still so much to do to bring in a quoted tweet and the images. Really, it seems like more work to clean them up than to re-engineer the whole website to have a smart import. And THAT’s saying something.

Not my strong suit

Trying to quell the pre-shopping horrors. Nexus of fear: dressy/formal, hot weather, & meeting strangers in non-professional role.

Trauma held at bay by super shopper Joe. Dress, skirt, 2 shrugs acquired. Now food before shoes & shells & his suit. #shopping

Hit the shopping wall, but after easily twice the usual number of try-ons. Shoes acquired & a probably workable top. Phew.

Gentle, poppy versions of songs to which goths used to dance darkly play in Jos. A. Bank as Joe buys a suit. #death #bleakness #sale!

The big announcement

OH: "We can just have physicists on in the background…"

Tuesday does Saturday right: Our big screen shows physicists filing in slowly to take seats for the big Higgs-Boson announcement #nerds #yes

OMG. Physicists are cute. #higgsboson

Default for male physicists seems to be blue shirts, for females red. Does this mean female physicists are moving faster away from now?

Physicists. Sooooo cute and funny. #higgsboson #nerdsRgreat

Quickly becoming incomprehensible to me, but STILL CUTE! #higgsboson

Loving the messy, non-definitiveness of science. Slow growth of understanding & growth of subsequent questions. Thank you, scientists!