So, how ’bout them weblogs,

So, how ’bout them weblogs, huh? I have Peter’s and Ev’s and Meg’s and Justin’s as handy-dandy short cuts in my browser, I read ’em so darn often.

Speaking of handy-dandy, is there a word for words like that? You know, higglety-pigglety, mumbo-jumbo, knick-knack, ping-pong, flip-flop, topsy-turvy (or does that one count?)…

Someone suggested “internal couplets”. Does anyone know of a better term?

[Thanks, Seth, for additional pairs and for pointing me to The Language Instinct. I’ll check it out & see if there’s an answer.]

Have you ever heard of

A boy and his chickenHave you ever heard of Heifer Project International? They are a really great aid organization. Instead of giving food, they give food- and income-producing animals, as well as training in leadership, community development and environmentally sound farming. One thing I really like about them is their insistence that the gift be passed on. Every family who receives an animal signs a contract to pass on the first female offspring to another family in need, and also agrees to pass on to others the training and skills that they have acquired. Actually, I appreciate all their cornerstone values, but that one always stands out in my mind.

Since my grandparents just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary, I was looking at some of those lists of the appropriate gifts for each anniversary. I discovered that once you hit the 60th, it’s pretty much diamond from here on out (though platinum appears in a few versions for the 70th). I don’t like diamonds and I know my grandparents don’t have much use for them, so I thought an update was in order.

The Heifersary List

1st – Geese

2nd – Ducks

3rd – Chicks

4th – Honeybees

5th – Rabbits

6th – Trees

10th – Pig

15th – Sheep

20th – Goat

25th – Llama

30th – Water Buffalo

40th – Heifer

50th – The Ark

Naturally, the in-between and 50+ anniversaries can be represented by the appropriate addition. For example, I could give my grandparents a heifer, a goat and some chicks.

So, give it a try. Wouldn’t it be cooler at that 10th anniversary party to be the one who gave a pig instead of something made out of tin?