I must remember to tell [guy of the moment] of the inadvisability of putting his address on the back of a note reading: “[guy of the moment], is your friend’s drug deal still on? – Julia”.

That worries a bit, although [former boyfriend]’s more of a druggie than I thought. Oh well.


[in my school notebook]

1. etc.

2. Pronoun Agreement
We must remember to keep one's composure.

3. tense shift

4. its v.s. it's

5. their v.s. they're v.s. there

6. lie v.s. lay

7. dangling or misplaced modifiers

8. are v.s. our

9. could of

10. run-ons
a) ; b) . c) coord. conjunt.

11. to, too, two
"It was just to much when too of them entered at the same time."

12. underline titles of books and long plays. titles of poems + short stories are surrounded by quote marks. underline movie titles?

13. No Fragments!!!

14. sub/verb ageement
"verbs has to agree w/ their subjects"

15. Proof read carefully to see if you any words out. [ 😀 ]

16. Your/you're

17. Split infinitives

18. apostrophes

19. Introductory Participial Phrases
1) followed by a comma
2) never more than 2 in a row (consecutive sentences)

20. "depressing thinking about them getting old" … gerunds ("getting") are verbal nouns and thus are introduced in this case by possessive pronouns.