Pals, freaky taste and not quite getting things right.

Work today was ok, though I was rather spacy and had that unpleasant treading water feeling as I realized I don’t know as much about databases as I thought I did.
For example, I wish I’d known this:
“Please note that Access was not designed to be a web application database server. Since access to Access is file based, you’d expect to see the usual problems related to resource contention that you’d see with file sharing.”

Went to Webgrrls where we were going to help girls from the Boys & Girls Club make their own webpages, but there were way more Grrls than girls, so I just hung back and visited with Lisa. (Hi Lisa!)

Ok. So I have unusual taste. I think the guy with orange hair on the back of the new Archie McPhee catalog is really kinda cute.

Coming soon to the Pals page (click on that funky ball down there to get to it) [old design; pals are now listed on the About MetaGrrrl page]: Lisa, David W., BJ, Lilly, Chris L., Mark

Bathtub != Lips

Overslept. Got to work at 11am. Fortunately in my present position this is not a problem at all (and besides, it’s only an hour later than I usually arrive). Ate lunch at my desk while working. Worked until 7:45. Came home. Realized I had made a 6:30 appointment with my chiropractor for today. *sigh*

Got some good advice today about surviving as a contractor: remember, they don’t want to you to be decisive and assertive and take the lead. That’s what employees are supposed to do. So do what they say and clock as many hours as they’ll give you and leave the job at work when you go home.

On the whole, I’d rather be kissing.
Unfortunately none of the people I’d like to be kissing are around, so I guess I’ll play Civilization II or take a bath. Somehow these just aren’t really satisfying substitutes…

Down time

I need a week off. My house is messy (never did get to dusting or cleaning the kitchen). I did laundry and got groceries, but I lifted the groceries wrong somehow and hurt my back yesterday. Still very sore and having trouble moving around without pain today. *sigh* I really didn’t need this. And I have no sick time or vacation time, so I’ll be at work tomorrow. Yuck.

A wistful afternoon. I intended to get work done on the website, to get more done on the house and only managed about a third of what I hoped to do. If I wasn’t in pain from my back, I could put in a 2 or 3 hour push and accomplish a ton, but I can hardly walk. I guess relaxing is an accomplishment too considering how little of that I’ve gotten to do in the last month.

Old advice re: mail in Netscape Communicator

If you read your mail in Netscape Communicator and you have a lot of messages, like, oh say, 6691 unread monkeyjunkies postings, and something bad happens and you can’t seem to look at that folder because the browser crashes when it tries to load the summary file, go into the message center and compress the folder. It might save your little monkey butt.


I must remember to tell [guy of the moment] of the inadvisability of putting his address on the back of a note reading: “[guy of the moment], is your friend’s drug deal still on? – Julia”.

That worries a bit, although [former boyfriend]’s more of a druggie than I thought. Oh well.


[in my school notebook]

1. etc.

2. Pronoun Agreement
We must remember to keep one's composure.

3. tense shift

4. its v.s. it's

5. their v.s. they're v.s. there

6. lie v.s. lay

7. dangling or misplaced modifiers

8. are v.s. our

9. could of

10. run-ons
a) ; b) . c) coord. conjunt.

11. to, too, two
"It was just to much when too of them entered at the same time."

12. underline titles of books and long plays. titles of poems + short stories are surrounded by quote marks. underline movie titles?

13. No Fragments!!!

14. sub/verb ageement
"verbs has to agree w/ their subjects"

15. Proof read carefully to see if you any words out. [ 😀 ]

16. Your/you're

17. Split infinitives

18. apostrophes

19. Introductory Participial Phrases
1) followed by a comma
2) never more than 2 in a row (consecutive sentences)

20. "depressing thinking about them getting old" … gerunds ("getting") are verbal nouns and thus are introduced in this case by possessive pronouns.