The Second Post

Created an archive for entries in this column and the spiffy icon for it which you see below:

Began adding more books, articles & URLs to bibliography.

First whales of the season spotted offshore from Edgewood, home of my parents, on the coast of California just north of Gualala.

Took a walk with Lisa.

Kept on adding to the bibliography. I think I have almost all the books I’ve looked at in there. Next step: URLs. Oy vey.

Brain seems to be seeping out ears. Listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Feeling fine. No, really, I’m fine. I can drive.

The First MetaGrrrl Post

The Latest… Spent way too much time looking at EGR and JOHO when I should have been working on the project. Damn ye! (These sites highly recommended). Changed name of project from “MetaGrrrl Web Standards Proposal on etc.” to “MetaGrrrl Proposal on etc.” because of possible confusion with those fine folks over at The Web Standards Project Added this “The latest” feature. Worked on the eternal chore which is maintaining and improving the bookmarks page. Began adding later design phases to design process overview. Listened to the soundtrack to Pi over and over and over…