QotD: Your fantasy restaurant

If you could open any sort of restaurant, what would it be like?

It would be like a cross between a dim sum place and a sushi boat place only instead of just a couple pieces of nigiri on a price-indicating little plate, there might be something from any number of cuisines. Little slice of roast beef with fresh grated horseradish, mac & cheese, spanish olives, gyoza, gnocci, fresh hot bacon, a little artichoke with aioli, a crab claw with hollandaise, tsukemono pickles, ramekin of soup, wedge of cheese.

The plates would indicate price and the wait staff (drag queens, punks, and perky goths) would bring around the hot food and serve really excellently mixed cocktails.

After 10pm about half the food would be desserts.

It would be called "Cameo".

(and if you open it, I get to eat there many many times for cost!)