QotD: I’m Grateful For…

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for? 
Inspired by wyndslash.vox.com.

(okay, Voxers, it's really too tricky to tell where the quoted text ends and my post should begin. Time to solve this.)

1. The way you can find cool things about people everywhere around
the world. Take, for example, some of the folks in this great series of
pictures by Michael Wolf from Hong Kong:

2. How fun a mild alcohol high can be. Mmm, a Knob Creek Old Fashioned, 2oz of boozy delight!

3. My sweetie Joe is the best and most wonderful fellow I could imagine. And I mean fellow in all kinds of senses, not just a good boyfriend, but also a pleasing traveling companion, also a foodie and a geek and an urban explorer. A like-minded soul.

4. My friend Fil knows how to relax me and make me laugh, and not just with the great collection of cartoons on DVD.

5. My friend Robin takes the most amazing portraits. One of these days I'll get myself in front of her wonder camera.

6. Avocados taste fucking incredible.

7. Dark chocolate is even better.

8. The view from my windows makes me smile, especially the little twinkling lights over the valley under the Sutro Tower at night.

9. I have never and will never regret having bought a leather chair & ottoman that cost as much then as a good laptop computer. Luxury, you're a great piece of furniture.

10. Indoor plumbing. Oh yes, traveling, especially in Africa, reminds one of the value of this.

11. Also, while I'm at it, a (currently) endless supply of safe & good water piped directly into my house. I'm not taking this for granted.

12. Good writing implements. Is it just me or have pens gotten better & better over the last 30some years? Thanks, Pilot.

13. Dry feet when it's chilly. You only miss this when you step in a puddle, but really, mmm, dry warm feet.

14. Electricity! It's night and I don't have to go to bed yet because of it being too dark! Go, electricity!

15. The Web. Hello, friends!

16. My Grandma Susie who I love all the time. 90 years old and still going strong. I got an email from her the other day, how cool is that?!

17. My mum Jinx who I was so lucky to be born to. What a cool person to know and, y'know, if ya gotta have relations who want to stay closely connected, what a blessing liking them is.

18. Digital cameras. Click click click click click. "Oh that one came out good, I'll save that." and no film processing costs – hooray!

19. My longtime pals B.J. & Beverly who are there for me whenever I need them and who keep me happy – and reminded that sometimes I just gotta go eat that delicious greasy fish & chips at the Edinburgh Castle pub!

20. Hot showers. Wow do they feel good.

If you know me, you know I could go on and on and on and on and on… I love this world, with all its faults. I wouldn't trade it for anything or, as I believe is the only option, nothing.