latest arrival from LaLa has changed to a new envelope type with a little writing space on the back of it, like a postcard. Written, in a friendly round hand:

Artist: Clinton

Album: Disco & the 1/2way to Discontent

Favorite tracks: #1 #7 #14

Reminds me of… Someone playing around with a Casio keyboard.

Blurb away. say anything… I loved Cornershop. Clinton is the next band from the Cornershop guy. This one's kind of fun & funky but not something I listen to a lot.

Making the switch, part 1

One of the nice relaxing things I'm doing with my Saturday morning (sitting in bed with my laptop listening to iTunes) is to transfer as many as possible of the CDs in my multi-year-accumulated Amazon wishlist to my want list in LaLa.

My experience with LaLa so far has been great. For the cost of one or two new CDs I now have bunches of new music and old favorites I'd been without for too long. Even better, I've sent more CDs on to other people to brighten their days.

Lala la la la! Happy!

I title this post "part 1" because I think that I may come to switch some of my blogging from to Vox. We'll see how it all shakes down.

[It did not come to pass and, in September 2010, Vox closed demonstrating my good judgment in focusing on TypePad.]